Coming out of the pandemic in 2021 the Wobblers are happy to be releasing new music on 7" vinyl in their new EP entitled Astro III (pronounced Astro Triple).

After several living room sessions, using cobbled together recording equipment, the band has 3 new songs to present;.

Are they the best songs?

Well no, they're not the best songs, but they're our songs. Mostly written by Seth Dilworth and Evan Dehner, this is the music from the Wobblers' own kitchen, with all the band members making their own contribution. 

 Release information to be released as we get it. Astro III will not be available immediately online, but will be made available locally in SC stores, at  shows, and by mail through this website. More details to come! 

Cover art by Art Rosenbaum

Cover art by Art Rosenbaum